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Humans talking
about Human problems

We are a community of conscious thinkers and creators that believe in human potential

We are on a mission to create a community of conscious allies by learning about human problems told by the humans impacted by these problems.

About Us

Standing United is a community that facilitates thought provoking conversations through interactive educational outlets.


Self awareness is the gatekeeper to evolution. Without it, we risk stagnancy in our collective and individual approaches to the human problems that need solutions. For a long time, we have primarily looked at external factors and forces to combat the discrepancies marginalized communities face every day. Standing United challenges that approach by centering our work and resources around the thoughts, behaviors, assumptions, and unconscious habits that contribute to the gaps in morality based principles.

Our creative team consists of thinkers, creators, designers, educators, activists, allies, and researchers.


The Origin Story

Standing United, created by Jenae Butler, began as a series of slides that highlighted the impact of George Floyd's death with the goal of aiding an uncomfortable conversation her boss was preparing for with her team in 2020. Immediately, Jenae's deck was picked up by teams across Google, leading to the development of allyship workshops that she facilitated to over 50 teams and collaborative partnerships with DEI leaders. In time, her slide deck would become a resource for major tech companies globally, educational institutions, and government workers. 

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