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The Standing United Project is a resource hub that is designed to make racial equity content easily accessible and digestible. 

This organization was founded in 2021 by Jenae Butler, a program manager at Google, in response to George Floyd's murder in 2020.


The Standing United project is committed to streamlining content and resources to help educate and activate aspiring change agents in the fight against inequality. 

The project

It's hard to talk about racism

It's an avoided topic of disucussion

It's hard to find a "starting point"

The fear of getting it wrong can be paralyzing

Time to talk about it

So let's find a way to talk about it

The deck that started it all. Click below to check out the original Standing United deck to read more on the impact of police brutality on the black community and how to get involved as an ally.

Check out interesting concepts that Jenae stumbles upon in her own journey through racial equity. Interesting videos, articles, people, etc. Find access to the Interesting Finds newsletter and subscribe!

Check out a variety of consolidated from other activists and resource outlets through the spreadsheet below.

*Note this spreadsheet will be depreciated by Feb 1, 2021*


As a natural humanitarian, Jenae Butler has always gravitated towards communal investment activities in both her professional and personal life.

Jenae is a program manager at Google based Dallas, Texas. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Jenae found her way into technology in college (Georgia State University- Class of 2016) which would lead her into a career in tech - working for two of the biggest tech giants in the world.

She allows her career to structure her love for giving back, enabling her to use her platform to connect underserved black communities with exposure to tech in a creative, authentic and unique way. 

Jenae authored the Standing United deck in response to George Floyd's death. This deck is designed to defend against what could be repeated action by her non-POC friends and colleagues. Her content explains what happened, why it continues to happen, why Black Lives Matter while providing actionable steps on how to step into our respective calls to action. This hub is a reflection of the global recognition and desire to continue providing value-add content for those seeking to lean into this space.

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The creative behind it all

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